New Training Center

Wenatchee Kennel Club Is Growing

WKC has called its training center at 966 Valley Mall Parkway in East Wenatchee home for about 15 years. We have outgrown this building and are now planning to build a new, bigger facility so that we can provide both indoor and outdoor training spaces, and accommodate a larger number of classes while still keeping our class sizes small. We hope to have the new building in operation in 2018. 

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The Plan

Our goal is to build a Training Center as an educational hub for North Central Washington residents to engage in meaningful, fun and challenging activities with their canine companions.

The Wenatchee Kennel Club, now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has enjoyed a 55-year presence in North Central Washington.  Its primary purpose is to enhance the relationship between owners and their dogs. WKC provides numerous training opportunities, hosts competitive trials and dog shows, hosts community dog events, and promotes responsible dog breeding, care and ownership.  Club membership has grown substantially since 2003, and class offerings and registrations have grown even more significantly.

WKC is the only dog training center in North Central Washington that offers training in a wide variety of dog-and-handler activities, including a full spectrum of beginner to advanced level classes, specialty training courses, trials and testing. Enthusiastic participation combined with dynamic growth in membership is prompting WKC to expand its mission to provide broad-based community service at a new Training Center.

The WKC Building Committee has worked with a local architect and general contractor to develop a design that will meet the Club's current needs and that can be expanded in the future to accommodate more community activities and more classes.  We have purchased property in East Wenatchee and anticipate moving into our new facility in the spring of 2019.

 Youth Day in the Park during Apple Blossom Festival

Youth Day in the Park during Apple Blossom Festival

Our community programs include 4H handler and dog training, hosting the Chelan County Sheriff Canine Unit  for training sessions, and hosting seminars, Youth Day in the Park, and other events where the public can get acquainted with dogs and have a positive experience with them.  The educational programs, events, and training WKC provides are of specific interest to anyone who owns a dog or is considering acquiring one, as well as health providers (mental and physical), veterinarians, educators, commercial enterprise, and the tourism industry.  We especially desire to expand our youth mentoring program, offer a broader variety of dog sports training and events, and continue to challenge the minds and bodies of senior citizens.

Our Building Committee volunteers have expertise in project management, fundraising, site design, engineering, and landscape design. We are relying on members' effort and equipment for the majority of site cleanup and preparation. We will partner with local professionals for design and construction, and local suppliers of building materials, fencing, HVAC, irrigation, lawn care equipment, etc.

Responsible pet ownership benefits everyone -- people, pets, and community.  The Training Center provides a place for mental and physical exercise for handlers and dogs, and promotes intergenerational social engagement while encouraging healthy lifestyles and fun activities with dogs.

WKC is seeking community-minded collaborators with shared values, interest and experience as primary partners in building  a new Training Center.

May we count on your participation in this community endeavor?  You may DONATE FUNDS HERE, or call us if you would like to donate in-kind resources. We appreciate your generous support of this project!


Donations to Wenatchee Kennel Club, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, are tax deductible to the extent established by the IRS.