Training Center

on Valley Mall Parkway

For the first 45 years of its existence, the members of WKC met at a park, restaurant, someone's home, or one of the many public meeting rooms available in the area.

In 2002, Club members began to talk seriously about having their own WKC building. It would be a place where members could bring their dogs to meet, have training classes and practice sessions, store files and equipment, post announcements, and maybe have a phone and answering machine.

After searching for several months, the current building in East Wenatchee was initially leased for two years to see if this new venture could work.

Training Facility 1 reduced.jpg

At that time, the building was in bad shape. Several of the rooms, including the restroom, had been trashed and the loft area was a dark maze of plywood storage lockers. The walls and ceiling of the future training room were simply bare steel, which offered no insulation against the summer heat, the winter cold, or the street noise outside. There was a heater mounted on the ceiling, but when it was turned on it was so noisy it drowned out any attempts at conversation.

Fortunately, the Club members were not discouraged. Negotiations with the landlord and a lot of volunteer labor resulted in many improvements. Today, the WKC training center has:

Training Facility 2 reduced.jpg
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Finished, insulated walls with large mirrors
  • Modern dropped ceiling with plenty of light
  • Floor covered with 1/2" thick rubber mats to give dogs firm footing and protect their joints when jumping
  • Restroom
  • Small kitchen area
  • Carpeted office
  • Board room for small meetings
  • Loft with matted floor for private lessons or very small classes
  • Lending library for our club members
  • Storage for frequently used equipment
  • Parking for our dog show equipment and trailer

Having our own space has made a huge difference. The indoor training area has enabled us to offer classes to the public as well as train our dogs year-round for shows and trials. Being more visible in the community has resulted in a four-fold increase in our membership. Also, having our own club has created a stronger sense of community, resulting in deeper friendships and a greater sharing of knowledge. Now, we are planning for a new training center.