Temporary Training Center

LocalTel Building
301 N. Yakima Street, Wenatchee, Washington

We are temporarily without our own facility, but through the generosity of LocalTel Owners, Dimitri and Brenda Mandelis, the Wenatchee Kennel Club has been invited to temporarily share their space at 301 N. Yakima Street, Wenatchee Washington.  

We are grateful guests in this facility, and have been invited to use the space for classes and meetings for the next few months.  This boost enables us to all work under the same roof and continue the work we do in this Valley.  The space is clean and comfortable, well lit and at least as big as the matted area we had at our old digs on Valley Mall Parkway.  

It's important that we all remember to be on our best guest behavior, and to be sure to thank our hosts for making this great space available to us.  Now, more than ever, it's important to work on eliminating unwanted dog behavior of barking, elimination, or unsolicited contact with people or dogs outside the training center.  

 301 North Yakima Street, Wenatchee

301 North Yakima Street, Wenatchee

Having a training space makes a huge difference. The indoor training area enables us to offer classes to the public as well as train our dogs year-round for shows and trials. Being visible in the community results in an increased ability to do our good work of helping dogs and owners become great citizens. Having a space creates a sense of community, resulting in deeper friendships and a greater sharing of knowledge. Now, we are planning for a new training center.

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