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WKC Awards Banquet

Mark your calendars for January 30 at 6PM (social at 6PM, dinner at 6:30PM) for the annual meeting and awards dinner at the Red Lion Inn in Wenatchee. The dinner is free to club members and $30 for non-members. The dinner will be much the same as previous years and will include salmon, a beef dish, salads, rolls and white chocolate sauce bread pudding. Please RSVP to Louise Day at nfday@msn.com.

Tracking Test

This event is accepting entries for dogs enrolled in the
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Tech Talks by Emily Harbury

Canine Obesity

With the current holiday season in mind, I think an obesity article is needed. Not only are humans prone to overeating during the holiday season, but so are our pets. An estimated 52.7% of US dogs are overweight or obese. Being obese or overweight comes with health risks; wear and tear on joints, cranial cruciate ligament injury, kidney disease, increased risk of diabetes, increased risk for any anesthesia procedure, respiratory disease. Extra weight, on average, shortens a dog’s life span by 2.5 yrs.

Every bit of food your dog consumes should be monitored by you. Free access to an ever full dog bowl nearly guarantees overeating – as well as deprives YOU of the opportunity to use food as a prime motivator in training. Be sure to account for the calories in dog treats when you are calculating your dog’s total calorie intake.

If you’d like to trim up your pet, consider how to safely start your dog on a diet. First, get a complete exam from your veterinarian because there may be a medical condition causing your dog’s excess weight. Common diseases associated with weight gain include endocrine problems such as hypothyroidism and hyperadrenocorticism. Eliminate disease as a possible cause or contributor to your dog’s weight issue before starting your dog on a weight reduction diet. Too many dogs start on a diet and fail to lose weight simply because diet wasn’t the problem, disease was. Your veterinarian can also give you a good frame for what your dog should weigh. Just like when we start a diet, it’s nice to have a set number to focus on. Your veterinarian can help determine how many calories your dog needs to safely lose weight.

Once you eliminate the possibility of disease causing excess weight you can start a diet and exercise plan. Most leash walks are slow with frequent pauses to allow the dog to smell interesting objects or to mark territory. Though these sorts of walks (called sniff walks) are important and enjoyable for your dog, they won’t help him lose weight. Walk briskly and focus on the “out” leg of your walk and then he can sniff walk on the way back home. Start your activity with the brisk effort first. It should feel like a brisk walk and you should break into a light sweat. The key is to keep it up. Don’t stop. When the dog wants to take a break, get happy! Walk faster or even break into a dance (my dogs love when I do the grapevine) anything to keep them interested in powering ahead with you.

Once you put your dog on a weight loss program, it’s critical that you determine if it’s working for your dog. Each dog is an individual and may require many changes in diet or routine before finding the correct balance. Ideally, your dog should be weighed every month until his ideal weight is achieved. Work closely and actively with your veterinary team to reach goals faster and safely.

The link below will bring you to a visual body score chart to help you determine if your dog is at his perfect weight. Fluffy body hair can disguise weight and you’ll need to feel for his ribs beneath all that hair. www.petobesityprevention.org/pet-weight-check/

Handling Clinic with Paula Ratoza

March 5th and March 6th 2016
Saturday for Novice & Open competitors
Sunday for Excellent & Masters competitors

More info, click here..


From the PawPrint Editor

I always love doing the year end PawPrint because I get to look back at all the things our club accomplished this year! Have a happy holiday season and see everyone at the Annual Banquet!

Your The PawPrint Editor: Jan Flatten

Upcoming Events

Membership Meetings: Last Monday every month. Karen Hall has some GREAT programs lined up.

  • TBA: Retrieving Dog Seminar
  • December – no meeting. Happy Holidays Everyone!
  • January 30, 2016 6PM - Annual Meeting and Dinner - Red Lion Inn
  • February, 2016 – Dogwise, 6PM; Refreshments provided by Dogwise

Got a good idea for a program (vets, activities, interesting things)? Call Karen Hall and let her know!

*If you would like to bring refreshments for any of the club meetings, please contact Jan Flatten at jbflatten@charter.net.

Want to Add Photos or Videos to the Website?

Photos and videos are a welcome part of the clubs website. Here are some of the ways in which you can get us your photos/videos.

Skydrive (7GB Free Space): http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/skydrive/download

Google Drive (15GB Free Space): http://www.google.com/drive/

I can add video to the web site. Send me an email at jkoski@nwi.net if you would like to add a video. Or if it's on YouTube, sent me the YouTube link and I'll put the video up on the site.

Agility Practices at Cindy's

Agility practice in Moses Lake 2/6/16 at 10:00am

I will have my agility field open for practice and/or play, 2/6/16 at 10:00am. I will plan on practice this Saturday, snow or no snow. If possible, please let me know if you think you might be able to make it, if you plan to come. I don't want to set up a course if no one shows. Plus, I don't want to waste firewood........ If you want to contact me, please phone or text me at 771-1892, please do not email me, as I only am able to access the Internet at my neighbors house once or twice a week. Hope I see you, playing in the snow can be fun! The dogs don't care! Cindy T and the determined dobermans

We will be joining in with the Ephrata/Moses Lake members. Hope some of you can come. If any one has anything specific they want to do, they can email me (cindydobermom@gmail.com) and I can try to set something up. My address is 5703 Mae Valley Rd. NE. If anyone needs directions let me know and I can post them again. A small fee of $5.00/dog is appreciated to help with the maintenance of the field and agility equipment.




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