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Jan 4, 2014

Help Needed for Nominating Committee

It’s time to think about our annual nomination and election of officers and board members. Chuck St. John has agreed to chair the nominating committee, but he hasn’t yet had a chance to draft the other two members for the committee. Anyone who would like to serve on the nominating committee should contact him. Also, contact Chuck if you are interested in running for a position or want to submit names of others. This year the positions of President, Vice=President, Secretary (all one-year terms), and one three-year board position (currently held by Vicki Hobbs) are open. Look for more information in the November PawPrint or contact Chuck.

WKC Agility Trial Raffle

Thank you to all those WKC members who donated raffle items for our 2014 agility trial.  We had a great raffle due to your generous participation.  We couldn't have done it without you and appreciate your time and effort in making this year's raffle a big success.
Thanks again,
Lynne Benton, Agility Raffle Chairperson

WKC Agility Trial Recap

By: a whole bunch of club members!

The club held its annual agility trial October 10-12 at Confluence Park. Turnout was good although a little less than 2013, but more than 2012, with many people only coming 2 out of the 3 days. The two judges oversaw a total of 1,305 runs over the three days. Both judges thanked us for a wonderful trial; the judge who flew out even had a little extra time to make her plane. The judges have seen many trials all over the U.S. and said ours has wonderful food, lots of club members helping to make a great trial, a beautiful site, and (almost) perfect weather. On that note, the weather was great except for the weird wind/rain storm that rolled in Saturday afternoon. Everyone had to scramble to stake down tents and awnings, and, in an unusual situation, the judge’s suspended the trial and everyone ran for the cover of the shelter (which gave us lots of opportunity to sell extra raffle tickets). The resident geese must have liked all the conditions created by the storm because the judge who was camping in the park said hundreds of geese were on the field the next morning.

This trial couldn’t have been run so smoothly without the numerous helpers; although space doesn’t allow individual thank-yous to everyone, several committees were instrumental in making sure things ran smoothly, the first being the trial committee itself: Mary Bean, Lynne Benton, Linda Harbury, Willard Fields, Betsy Metcalf, Jan Flatten and Carla Slabaugh. The trial simply would not have happened without them! Mary Bean especially wants to thank Karen Robelia for subbing as trial chair on Friday when Mary had to work. Hospitality, led by Bev Jones , outdid themselves (again) offering wonderful and abundant food. The office, led by trial secretary Suzanne Metcalf, did a great job of getting results out quickly and accurately. Suzanne wants to extend a special thank-you to the awesome duo of Debbie Parks and Maggy Susman; without them the office would not have functioned. Suzanne shares that it was also great that both judges would check results anytime the office had them ready, which kept the exhibitors happy. Anytime Suzanne needed extra help, whoever was handy did whatever was needed. The grounds people, led by Willard Fields, did a terrific job of getting everything set up and taken down, and assisting the course builders. And finally, the raffle committee, led by Lynne Benton, did a terrific job of organizing all the many, many contributions from club members, and running a great raffle. Lots of enthusiastic people stayed for the actual raffle on Saturday afternoon. As Suzanne Metcalf said in her note to the PawPrint: "Thank-you all club members!"

From the PawPrint Editor

I’m always happy when any of my pups do well at the Wenatchee Agility Trial. It just makes it that much more special when it happens after the culmination of all our classes at WKC and with friends in the audience. Except for a few minor snafus, like a fast moving, windy rain storm that blew through Saturday afternoon, the trial was really well run, thanks to Mary Bean and her committee. On a positive note, the storm had everyone scrambling for the shelter where everyone filled out raffle tickets!

Ginger was my only pup that Q’d (and Q’d and Q’d, etc…see brag below), but, in the ongoing saga of Brandi the rescue Aussie, she stole my heart (again) by running the very last class on Sunday, and running it perfectly, despite the fact that it was FAST, so she had to move away from me. The only reason we didn’t Q was my mistake; I stepped into the send area before she exited the tunnel, but she completed the send without my help! She ran fast, confident and happy! As Betsy Metcalf wrote to me “Brandi was AMAZING, a true training miracle.” I’m not sure I’ll take her to other trials because she scares so easily, but she will be at the Wenatchee Trial again next year. Another miracle was watching Judy Lindahl’s Molly run after being so desperately sick all last year as a result of a rattlesnake bite (see her Q’s/Title below!).

Thanks to all who helped make the trial a success!

Your The PawPrint Editor: Jan Flatten

Members News and Brags

Vicky Anderson shares that Hotshot (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) took Select Dog in Scottsdale Arizona on Friday February 28, with Locket taking Win ner’s Bitch and Best of Show the same day. Hotshot then took Best of Bitches on Saturday March 1, and Locket took Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Show the same day. Two weeks later Hotshot finished his AKC Grand Championship the weekend of Mar ch 15 - 16 at Del Sur Kennel Club, taking Best of Winners each day. Locket took Winner’s Bitch, and Best of Winners each day for her first points toward her Championship.

Lynne Wasson reports that she and Trip (English Shepherd) earned their Excellent Standard title at the Chuckanut Agility Trial in Lynden, WA on 2/22/2014.

Upcoming Events

Membership Meetings are the last Monday of the month at 7:00PM, with the exception of December and January.

  • October 27: Membership Meeting. Halloween Party. Refreshments: Everyone!
  • November 24: Membership Meeting. Tentative, Avalanche Dogs. Refreshments: Louise Day, Judy Paris
  • December: no meeting, Happy Holidays!

Membership Meetings: Last Monday every month. Karen Hall has some GREAT programs lined up.

Got a good idea for a program (vets, activities, interesting things)? Call Karen Hall and let her know!

*If you would like to bring refreshments for any of the club meetings, please contact Jan Flatten at jbflatten@charter.net.

Want to Add Photos or Videos to the Website?

Photos and videos are a welcome part of the clubs website. Here are some of the ways in which you can get us your photos/videos.

Skydrive (7GB Free Space): http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/skydrive/download

Google Drive (15GB Free Space): http://www.google.com/drive/

I can add video to the web site. Send me an email at jkoski@nwi.net if you would like to add a video. Or if it's on YouTube, sent me the YouTube link and I'll put the video up on the site.

Agility Practices at Cindy's

Agility practice in Moses Lake 12/20/14 at 9:00am

I will have my agility field open for practice and/or play, 12/20/14 at 9:00am. I will plan on practice this Saturday, snow or no snow. If possible, please let me know if you think you might be able to make it, if you plan to come. I don't want to set up a course if no one shows. Plus, I don't want to waste firewood........ If you want to contact me, please phone or text me at 771-1892, please do not email me, as I only am able to access the Internet at my neighbors house once or twice a week. Hope I see you, playing in the snow can be fun! The dogs don't care! Cindy T and the determined dobermans

We will be joining in with the Ephrata/Moses Lake members. Hope some of you can come. If any one has anything specific they want to do, they can email me (cindydobermom@gmail.com) and I can try to set something up. My address is 5703 Mae Valley Rd. NE. If anyone needs directions let me know and I can post them again. A small fee of $5.00/dog is appreciated to help with the maintenance of the field and agility equipment.



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